Who we are

Born in Barcelona in 2012

Whiplash emerged from the ashes of a shattered childhood dream. Picture this: a meticulously planned day of thrills at a renowned amusement park, only to be crushed by the disappointment of a 2-hour queue and a height limit that barred entry to the coveted roller coaster. It was at that moment, in the shadow of unfulfilled anticipation, that Whiplash was conceived.

Virtual reality is the catalyst for a seismic shift in audiovisual experiences, whether on the silver screen or in the comfort of your own home, across any platform—be it mobile, PC, or PlayStation.

Whiplash, the pioneer of multipurpose devices, has shattered barriers by creating the first-ever apparatus capable of generating 360º three-dimensional movements on two axes within limited space. This is not just a leap; it’s a quantum leap into the next echelon of virtual reality, obliterating the boundaries between reality and imagination.



Our team in more than 27 countries

The brand that big brands trust.
Never before has it been possible to live an experience like this, in which the border between reality and unreality is eliminated.

We were the first to design the multi-use device capable of generating 360º three-dimensional movements in two axes, in a small size.

Thanks to the sum of our experiences in the technological world, we have been able to complete this masterpiece of Virtual Reality worldwide, which is why 99% of our clients are satisfied.


5 continuous years awarded as the best vr experience

the only vr experience that doesn’t make you dizzy

Thanks to our patented Whiplash positioning system, we can ensure perfect synchronism

First qualities

Currently you can find a lot of equipment on the market, our simulators have been working for more than 5 years without breakdowns.